Who We Are

Arrow Thin Films has extensive experience in the design and deposition high laser damage threshold thin film coatings.

Arrow Thin Films supports prototype development and volume manufacturing. We partner with our customers, starting with specification and design feasibility through high level production

We have developed and optimized deposition automation to ensure process reliability and run to run repeatability.

Contact Us before your specifications are finalized.

Please see the COATINGS, OPTICS and CRYSTAL pages for details on our capabilities.

Absolute Coating supplies coated components for the following markets:

Arrow Thin Films Coating High Damage Threshold Optics & Coatings specializes in thin film coatings, optics, laser optics, high damage threshold coatings, OPO Coatings, Dichroic coatings, Low loss coatings, UV coatings, IR coatings, AR coatings, Output couplers, Resonator optics, HR Coatings, Anti reflection, High reflectors, Midwave coatings, Beamsplitters, Beam splitters, Ultra violet, Infra red, Laser mirrors, Lenses, Prisms, YAG slabs, Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, YAG, Alexandrite, BBO, LBO, CLBO, KTP, Lithium niobate, and PPLN