Spectromoter UV-IVS-NIR

A PE Lambda-1050 with URA attachment allows measurements of coatings from 185nm to 3350nm at any angle of incidence from 8-59 degrees.

Spectrometer FTIR

A PE Spectrum 100 Optica is used to measure MWIR and LWIR coatings from 2.5 to over 20 microns at multiple angle of incidence.

Laser line measurements

Laser sources available are 266nm, 532nm, 632nm, 808nm, 1064nm, 1540nm, 1574nm and 2.0-2.1 microns.

DIC (Nomarski) Micropscopy

Environmental testing

We commonly certify our coatings to different MIL spec and ISO standards. Please contact us with your questions about specific testing requirements. Common ones are:

Laser damage resistance testing

Either by certifying a specific fluence level or by measuring the ultimate damage threshold, we can customize testing to measure at most wavelength and pulse length regimes.